26 January 2011


I'm pleased to report that Eggnog has been adopted by a young couple from Chicago.  His new family came out to meet him on Monday, and they all seemed to get along well.  Eggnog was so very excited to meet new people.  It was bittersweet for us, because we had grown to love him very much - but we are all very happy to see him go to a new home.

His owners have renamed him "Riggs" after a character from a movie they both love.  He was given his new tags and collar on the spot, and seemed to like the jingle sound the tags made.  He pranced out the door with his new owners, head held high - and didn't look back.  He looked ahead to his new life.

The house has felt kind of empty with him gone.  In the last two months, we've had Hamtaro (our hamster) pass away, Sapphire (another foster animal) got adopted, Alf (another foster cat) was sent to stay at the vet for a while because of reoccurring illness.  All we have left are our two cats, Ayla and Gryphon, and Lewis, a foster kitten.

Ayla just seems happy that the dog is gone.  She spent all yesterday purring and letting me know how very happy she was.  Gryphon, on the other hand, seemed stressed and kept coming to me for reassurance - but other than that, he seems fine.

Poor Lewis.  He and Eggnog were close friends, and he feels his loss very keenly.  The first night Eggnog was gone, Lewis ran into his doggie crate and kneaded the bedding, crying out every few minutes.  He really missed his friend!  I tried to distract him with other activities, and for a while it worked:

Today Lewis seems more accepting of the quietness in the house.  He's more relaxed, and spent some time tussling with Gryphon this morning.  But the house still seems too quiet.  I actually debated sending an email to Adopt-a-Pet asking if any other dogs needed fostering, but decided against it.

I just hope it doesn't stay quiet for too long.  I like an active household!

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