11 January 2011

Cirque du Soleil

Our local library had a drawing for free tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil perform.  The entrants had to be 14 years of age or younger, so I signed up James and Jacob.

Yesterday I got the call - James had won the drawing and was the proud owner of two tickets to see Dralion!

The kids wanted to know what the show was going to be like, so I found a video on youtube.

After watching that, the two younger boys grew VERY excited - which presented a problem.  James only won two tickets.  If I am to take both boys, we would need an additional ticket.  Fortunately, Jonathan doesn't want to go, and neither does Sean.  But finances are tough right now, and I was fairly certain we couldn't afford an extra ticket.

But Sean told me to make some calls and find out how much a ticket would be - if there was even a seat available next to the ones we had won.  So I called the library and explained the situation, and they happily gave me the seating info on the tickets - Section 110, Row 15, seats 15 & 16.  They also confirmed that the tickets did not specify adult or child, so could be used either way.

A quick call to the show center found that Row 15 was completely booked.  However, Row 14 had seats available - seat 16, right in front of the two seats we won!  When I explained the situation, the ticket lady was sympathetic, and gave me a small discount, enabling us to buy that needed third ticket for $78.25.

Now, we honestly can't afford that, but Sean said to go for it anyway.  We'll just have to be very very careful with our food budget this pay period - but I was able to work out a menu plan that should have us eating well the entire time for under $100.

Long story short - WE'RE GOING TO DRALION!!!!

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Grandma Debbie said...

Happy that you were able to figure out a way to take those who wish to attend.