06 January 2011

Letter to Teacher

Dear Ms. Tripp,

I know this is the oldest excuse in the book, so forgive me for having to use it.  But this afternoon, the dog DID in fact eat Jacob's homework.

Jacob had spilled his drink on the kitchen table, and in the hustle to clean it up, homework got swept to the floor.  I was alerted to the catastrophe by my son's shriek of "Bad dog!  BAD BAD DOG!"  I spun around to discover our puppy happily munching on a sheet of paper.  The bits of mangled, slobber-covered paper I managed to recover had math work on it, and I could just make out the words "Even and Odd".

Could you please give him another copy of this worksheet?  I will make sure the baby gate is up from now on, so the dog can't get into the kitchen while the boys are doing their homework.

Patricia Betts


Grandma Debbie said...

Oh my goodness...hope the teacher believed this. She should have as most parents would not use this as a line. When I was teaching, I would have given him a second chance at the homework.

patricialynn said...

Jessica suggested sending the chewed-up worksheet in with the letter...so I put it in a baggie. I'm thinking I'm going to take it out before bed though, and set it out to dry. Poor teacher doesn't deserve to get dog slobber on her hands.