11 April 2011

Another foster experience

We got an email today asking if we could take in another foster kitty or two.  At that point, we have no foster animals at all - Brewster went to a different foster home that had another terrier, so now he has a playmate and from what I have heard, is much happier there.  It was kinda quiet and lonely around here, so I asked Sean if he thought we should take in another foster animal.

He looked at the request, which stated that there were two litters available for fostering.  He shrugged and said "Yeah, sure - we can take in a litter."

A whole litter - which turned out to be five kittens.  They are five weeks old and very very small.

We went and picked them up earlier today.  Two of the kittens have a siamese appearance, one is gray, one is black, and the last is a tortiseshell.  All of them are sick, and so will be kept separate from our own kitties for the next day or two until the antibiotics have taken effect.

They don't have names yet.  Sean joked that we should name them Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon...and Ralph.  The man cracks me up!

I'll have photos in the next couple of days.  I want to let the little guys get settled in first.

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