05 February 2011

Winter storm photos

In the aftermath of the big winter storm, a lot of truly impressive photos have come out on the net.  I found the following photos at blogs.denverpost.com, and decided to share them with you guys. 

Several buildings collapsed from the weight of the ice and snow on the roofs.  Several trees cracked under the pressure.

The situation on Lake Shore drive made national attention.  For those not familiar with the Chicago area, Lake Shore drive is a long multi-lane thoroughfare that runs right alongside Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago.  During the storm, Lake Michigan developed 15 foot swells, which caused a lot of water to spray over Lake Shore drive.  Traffic there had already ground to a standstill during the storm, and the water sprayed over the vehicles and then froze, locking them in place.  Those vehicles (including several city buses) had to be abandoned. 

The following are some pictures of the situation.

Those were the photos I found online.  Now, here are a few I took of our own property after the storm:

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