17 December 2010


Got a new foster animal today.  This time it's a little puppy, just eight weeks old.  He's been given the name "Eggnog" (which I honestly think is a horrible name for a pet, but that's just me).  His mother was a German Shepherd.  His papers say that he is a Shepherd/terrier mix, but he looks more like he has some hound in him to me.  Sean thinks he has some golden Labrador as well (he's got that color coat).

I managed to get a couple pics...the flash on our camera sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, so some of the pictures are bright and others are dark.

Now, this is interesting for me, as I haven't trained a dog in over 20 years!  So if anyone has words of wisdom or just advice, I'll take all I can get!  Thanks for any and all help.

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