19 March 2011


After getting the negative test results for Lewis (YAY for no feline leukemia!), I was able to facilitate the adoption.  His new family came to pick him up and brought a surprise - a huge bag full of different kinds of marshmallows for the kids to enjoy.  Turns out the husband does work for a marshmallow factory, so he's developed the habit of bringing marshmallows to kids.

This is the third animal I've adopted out, but it's the first time I've done the paperwork and completed the adoption by myself - so I was a bit nervous.  But everything went smoothly.

This adoption was a little bittersweet - I was thrilled when Sapphire and Eggnog were adopted, but Lewis was special and I had gotten very attached to the little rascal.  The kids are handling this a lot better than I am, I'll admit.

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